cute acrylic nails ideas

Buy nail paints for cute acrylic nails ideas online. We have all type acrylic that suit various occasions. Now you can flaunt your pretty nails regardless of time of the year. we have waterproof acrylic nails for summer, winter and fall.
  • What are acrylic nails
    • the acrylic nails are basically artificial nails that look like natural nails. they are made of powder and liquid monomer that are mixed together , shaped into different nail styles and air dried.
  • gel nails vs acrylic
    • Acrylic nails differ significantly from nail gel as nail gels form a thin layer on nails while acrylic nails literally are fake nails.
  • Acrylic Nail Colors and Shapes
    • Acrylic nails are available in all colors but majority belong to pink red blue yellow white green.
    • the shapes and designs for acrylic nails depend on you and your creativity. A lot of girls use almond square and pointed nails. Some implement short designs like butterfly star lavender flower.
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