IPL Hair Removal

buy ipl hair removal device online. women permanent remover laser machine. Get rid of unwanted hair at home. painless hair removing from legs underarms intimate bikini area . You will be amazed to see how it work without much effort or pain. great end results without side effects. The machine is automatically aware of the skin, more secure. Using high quality circuit board, high quality capacitor makes the machine laser more stable.The machine is not susceptible to damage.Replaceable lamp holder for recycling. IPL photon hair removal technology, the wavelength of 640-1200NM. Can penetrate the epidermis, the selective role in the hair follicles, because hair follicles rich in melanin, very easy to absorb the laser. Long time absorption of light will destroy the hair follicles, due to photon therapy, the relative Safe, and without any pain, without any damage to the skin, will not affect your work or life,At present photon technology has been widely used, its principle is based on photon selective photo thermal effect principle, in the growing hair follicles full of pigment, easy to absorb light, while rest is relatively insensitive hair, which will not damage the hair roots , Most hair follicles in the resting period, so this requires long-term use, to complete the permanent hair removal.
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