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Best Smartphone Under 300 Euros

Android Smartphones Low Price if you are looking for the best smartphone under 300 euro in Greece visit erhiem the one stop shop for best phone sale deals*. We have a great collection of top notch upcoming budget  and good cell phones with an amazing price tag. We not only offer smartphone for high tech savvy young generation. you can get some of the latest phones below  200 euros from economic global brands including Xiaomi, note 8, note 9 pro, Redmi, MI, blackview, poco, umidigi, doogee , ulefone, xgody, meizu and oukitel. Most of these world class mobiles are under 300 euros in Greece. The latest flagship handset offers MediaTek, snapdragon and helio processors.  We try to offer good value for money. You will still manage to find some of the world’s biggest mobile companies’ products under 200 euro.  that sport HD displays, run Android and support 4G VoLTE lte connectivity. Considering that most users want their phones to be better than reconditioned or second hand phones we offer mid-range mobile for you.   In our online stores you will find durable indestructible products with many free mobile features for similar price tag.  feature for the latest smartphones in this segment. How to find cheap and good cell phones: In the crowded market of so many manufacturers it sometime get confusing how to buy a nice company brand phone. However it is not so difficult after all. If you focus on key component list highlighted by company websites. The second important factor of evaluating Smartphone Under 300 Euros is its usefulness for you. So our experts down the killer list ever of right criteria to select lowest cost discount cell phones in our store. Operating System Microprocessor RAM & Graphic Card When choosing a mobile phone one must give special attention of microprocessor and operating system. Best mid-range mobiles now a days use MediaTek or snapdragon microprocessors. You should always choose the latest version of smartphone that supports at least unlocked 3G gsm connections. Some phones now give 5G, the fastest connection, as well. The operating system usually goes along microprocessor and internal RAM. the phone cost increases with hardware. If it is good then it will support the latest operating system. The current wave of cellular phones uses android 9 or 10 operating system. Some gadgets also offer android 8 systems. It basically becomes a matter of RAM as you need 3 GB 4GB 6gb RAM to support basic functionalities. If you want mobile to play games, then you need higher RAM like 8GB. Most online multiplayer gaming mobile now a day also require a good quality graphic card plus oled screen as well. You should also look at ROM of  your phone. If you love to watch movies on your phone then you need high capacity rom such as 64gb or 128gb. Otherwise 32gb is usually sufficient for a Smartphone Under 300 Euros. Basic Features as Wireless Bluetooth Dual Sim A good quality phone should have some of the basic features like wireless wifi & hotspot. The mobile internet is usually an inbuilt capability. A lot of mobile phone companies also offer cheap dual sim Smartphone Under 300 Euros which give you more options. These type of dual sim card capabilities come handy when you want to keep your office and work life at bay from your family life. A double sim supports two whatsapp accounts. The Bluetooth however is a fading technology and major brands are focusing less on it. Most devices no longer require nor depend on Bluetooth alone. Thus its becoming a redundant feature. There are also some additional non-core features that you can get in your phone. A small description of these features is as follows. Mobile phone with projector: this is a handy feature in our generation of instagram and social media driven culture. It saves you from buying an extra projector for your smartphone. It is an economical and compact alternative of big expensive projectors that you can try without spending a lot of money. Mobile phone with face Recognition: This high tech artificial intelligence driven feature is fast becoming a norm even in cheap mobile phones. The face unlock mobile are very safe as they save you from remembering passwords. Similar functionalities are offered by mobiles with fingerprint unlock feature. You do not need to think again while buying Smartphone Under 300 Euros if you desire these aspects in your cellphone. Best mobile camera phone: A good camera is probably one of the three most important feature that everyone want in their Smartphone Under 300 Euros. A wide range of cool photography features such as optical zoom, dslr, scanner, dedicated selfie button, are now available in entry level gadgets. Most brands now offer high resolution camera for photos. The usual range of resolution stands at 8 Megapixel for front camera and 16 mega pixels wide angle for rare camera. We have affordable handsets with 48MP soni quad, hdmi & triple cameras. Many high end cell phones also offer retractable camera with optical stabilizer zoom. Infrared camera is also a feature that is now offered. However they are not so cheap. Large Battery Duration: A primary feature of a good smartphone is long battery backup. You must give attention to the battery capacity of the phone before buying it. A good mobile with long battery backup usually have 5000 mAh battery life. A nice battery backup is considered somewhere near four hours without charging. Handsets with largest battery boast even 37 day standby backup. Folding phones: Although Motorola pioneered the art of folding flip phones. They are now very common and come in many designs. There are popular reasonably priced Chinese mobiles that fold and slide. Waterproof cell phones: Although many think waterproofing is a secondary property in a phone. However I truly believe that water resistance is an essential property for a mid-range rugged smart device. If you are a price conscious buyer then it’s a must have feature in your phone. The aquatic mobiles are like an insurance against mishap that can happen to them. Shock resistant mobile: A tough & durable mobile defiantly include the shock resistant feature. People who work in challenging conditions really need an indestructible cell phone. A ductility brick like strong cell phone is a pure delight for industrial workers. Cell phones for seniors: A lot of the times we need a touch cell phone for elder persons. When we are buying inexpensive for our grandparents we need to keep all important points in mind. First the Big keys: it is one essential property of these foldable phones that you must seek. The tiny keys of slider handset keypad are not ideal of your grandmother.  Second: These grandparent phones should be simple with easy to use whatsapp. Additionally you can also go for the one with sos button for enhanced security. Gaming Features: people are increasingly playing pubg, fortnite and pokemon like games on their mobile devise. If you are one of those gamers then you need make sure that your handset meets those requirements. You need minimum an octa core processor like MKT6580 and compatible OS edition such as Pie or Oreo. Good audio rendering capabilities. A top rated oled large screen. It must also support full USB PC connecting capabilities. Size:  Although when it comes to buying a phone size is not a major factor. A lot of small and thin mobile are available in market. However if you are looking for slimmest and powerful mobiles under 100 euros then you should carefully look at specifications. Small mobile phones can be as small as 4.5 inch; regular size can be 6 inch while bigger ones can come at 7 inches. Sometimes smaller touch screen give out scope for cheap high end mobiles as they save on hardware cost. Color: This is one of the least important aspects in android phones. Therefore options in this section are limited. Common colors are blue black red green and pink. Minor Features: There are still some complimentary features that you may seek in your first cellular. A very handy feature is NFC or near field communication. It makes shopping super easy and therefore good for business. You should not go for a rootable device if you are going to use it for financial transactions. Things to Avoid: So far we kept our discussion focused at overall must have features. However in this section we should talk about what to avoid. Old or second hand cell phones are one of the cheapest option available for you. They might seem like ten times cheaper however they usually don’t have good battery backup. So we advise you to avoid them even if you are getting them in free offers. It’s always better to buy new phone. You also need to stay away from minimalist android go version as well. The android go os is designed to work with system with smallest 2gb ram. Thus it lacks many essential functions.
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